Update from an isolating robin!

It’s been an eventful 2 weeks to say the least!

Just 2 weeks ago we opened the Nyth Robin gates, very much looking forward to the season ahead after a busy winter getting ready.  Then, a little more than a week later, due to the coronavirus pandemic we made the tough and sad decision to close our gates to help keep our guests and community safe.

A few days later all campsites were told to close and now we’re all staying at home and in lockdown for 3 weeks. What a crazy sequence events in such a short space of time…

Since then we’ve been busy contacting all customers with bookings until end of June and doing a lot of head scratching about what happens next. Hold tight and wait & see seems to be the only answer right now. 

We’ve been bowled over by how understanding those guests we’ve contacted have been – we’ve been truly touched by all your kind words and consider our faith in human nature fully restored.

We look forward to when we’re able to open our gates again… we think holidays will be much needed by then! In the meantime we’ve always jobs to do looking after  Nyth Robin for you and you can keep up with what we’re doing via our facebook page.

Take care

Sadie & Grant