Creseo... Welcome!

Some handy info to help you make the most of your stay


We want you to have a lovely stay so if anything is missing or not right, please do let us know. If you need to get hold of us during your stay you can call or text us on 07731 783 534.

  • Mobile phones can be charged through the USB port by the bed
  • There’s a smoke and carbon monoxide detector inside. If this goes off, please leave immediately and let a member of staff know
  • For medical or fire incidents see our emergency information
  • There is a wood burner inside – before using it’s important you read the instructions provided in the hut
  • For safety reasons, no naked flames (candles etc.) are allowed in the hut
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the hut
  • You can find a site map here
  • Whilst we are a safe site, please remember to lock up the hut when you are out for the day etc.
  • Please don’t drive through the site after 11 pm – we’ll let you know where you can park instead
  • Any damages to the hut, furnishings and all provided equipment are the responsibility of the hirer. We know accidents do happen so if anything does get damaged please let us know as soon as possible


  • There is lighting outside. Please be green and remember to turn these off when not needed – i.e. when you go to bed or go out

  • Outside is a chimenea – there is wood and kindling in the bucket in the toilet/ storage area for this

  • Additional seasoned wood can be purchased from reception – please don’t take/ use wood for the woodland as it’s not suitable for burning and provides an important part of the ecosystem

  • If you want some advice on starting a fire, just ask! And please don’t leave fires unattended

  • We have provided some drinking water. To top this up there’s a drinking water tap on the lower caravan site and one by the rubbish bins at the facilities – look for the ‘drinking water taps

  • There are a few wild critters about so ensure no food is left out for them to nibble on – we’ve provided an empty box for your food

  • Ice blocks provided can be swapped in the customer freezer in Reception. Please use the bag provided to return ice blocks and ONLY take the bag labelled for Gwdihw

  • There are cushions & blankets provided for use outside – please ensure these are put away when not being used

  • We are a quiet, family-friendly campsite, so do ask for no amplified sound outside at any time and any outside noise should be kept to a minimum after 11 pm


Toilets, Showers & washing up area will be closed around 2 pm daily to allow for a full clean.

  • You have your own compost toilet  – please read the instructions inside to make sure it is used correctly
  • The main toilets and showers, plus washing up area etc. can be found at the facilities block
  • There’s also a family bathroom for those needing more space (ask us for the code)
  • The main bins for rubbish, recycling and compost waste are at the facilities for when you need to empty your bins
  • Please only use the sinks at the facilities for washing up as dirty washing up water thrown into hedges can attract unwanted critters
  • To top up your water there’s a drinking water tap by the rubbish bins  – look for the ‘drinking water’ tap


  • We’re usually in Reception between 3 -6 pm so come and see us then you have any queries, need any local information, need more wood or anything else! You can call or text us on 07731 783 534 at other times
  • Wi-Fi is available around Reception – the network password is on the chalkboard at the front of Reception
  • We also have a small shop in Reception selling essentials such as tea, coffee, sugar etc. We also have a range of snacks, most produced in Wales!

At the end of your stay

  • At the end of your stay please leave the Hut by 10 am
  • Please ensure all dishes are washed up and in the kitchen
  • Before leaving please strip the duvet & pillowcase covers and place them in the linen bag provided with any used towels
  • Please leave sheet, mattress & pillowcase protectors on
  • Please also leave a window open and the key can be left inside

We hope you enjoy your stay at Nyth Robin