Benefits of the great outdoors

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Ah the ‘Great Outdoors’… We know that getting out and about in nature is good for you, and not only is this a scientific fact, but some GPs in the UK are also now trailing prescribing nature to their patients as part of a range of treatments.

Feel the benefits

Spending time outside has been shown to improve your mood and gives you a boost of vitamin D. It can also help you reduce stress levels and be more active. The mental health charity MIND highlights the positive effect being in nature can have on your mental health.

Connecting with nature

In recent times this connection with nature and looking after our mental health seems more relevant than ever. During the first lockdown many of us gained more awareness of the sights and sounds of nature all around us and getting out was important thing do most days. I know we started to take to more time to notice and appreciate the smaller things in nature.

With Spring just around the corner we’re looking forward to the burst of activity in nature this brings. And the warmer, longer days will also be welcome so we can get out and about more and enjoy the amazing natural world we live in.

We’re grateful that Nyth Robin is in such a beautiful and unique environment. We are in the Snowdonia National Park and in the Dyfi Valley which has been designated a biosphere by UNESCO due to its diversity of natural beauty, heritage, and wildlife.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday

After a stay at Nyth Robin we’re sure you’ll feel more connected to nature and there’s plenty of places to visit as well – we’ve some ideas on our ‘Out & About’ pages.

And if you’re looking for an alternative stay-cation this summer and want to enjoy the great outdoors, then check out our popular glamping bell tents. You’ll enjoy the simplicity and getting back to basics that camping offers without the fuss and (importantly) with much more comfort!    

Sadie, Grant & Rustin x