Helping you have a greener holiday

eco facilities

We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s finest flora, fauna and wildlife, so know how important it is to look after our amazing planet.

However, in our modern lives, we also know it’s not always easy to do the right thing, which is why we’re doing our bit to help you have a greener holiday without even trying! 

When we set out to develop Nyth Robin, we knew that where possible we wanted to make the site and business as green as possible, without compromising on comfort and style. We started with compost toilets.  These have a reputation of being smelly, unsightly and requiring sawdust, but not here at Nyth Robin!  Like your toilets at home, ours flush properly and sawdust is not needed.   Before building the toilets, Grant attended a course at the nearby Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), to learn more about innovative options for building compost toilets.   

Next issue was how best to provide hot showers for our lovely guests.  With the help & advice of The Green Heat Team we installed solar thermal panels on the roof of our facilities building. This heats the majority for our hot water for showers & washing up, but don’t worry, we also have a ‘back-up’ heating system for those greyer days!

We encourage recycling with clearly labelled collection points and collect food waste for our compost heap – so please use these before using the general waste bin, which just ends up in a landfill.  We also compost the recycled hand towels and make sure all our cleaning products and hand wash is environmentally friendly.  

And did you know that our water is sourced from a natural spring?  This is filtered to make it safe for drinking and tastes great! So, remember to bring your reusable water bottles and leave any shop bought bottled water on the shelves. 

These are just some of the ways we’re helping reduce ours, and your, impact on the environment but we know we can do more.  First up is to connect our glamping bell tents to solar power, and then move all our electricity off-grid, using solar and hydropower instead. So, lots of exciting ‘green’ projects ahead at Nyth Robin!

If you’d like to know more about leading a more sustainable life, why no visit CAT during your stay at Nyth Robin and get hands-on with their displays and information points. And if you’d like to know more about our compost toilet system – just ask Grant!