Covid-19 – Nyth Robin Policy

I don’t know about you, but the current extraordinary Coronavirus situation can be a bit hard to fathom at times. Living somewhere remote with not many people and plenty of outside space, it’s often hard to relate to what’s happening around the world. Some days I feel like we’re just frequently washing our hands to protect us against ourselves!

However, we do realise it is a concern so want to reassure all future guests that we are open and are being extra vigilant with the cleanliness of our glamping and facilities. In fact we think now’s a great time to come away in your caravan/ motorhome or to come glamping.  It’s is lovely & quiet plus you’ll find it easy to keep a good distance between you and other people!

You can find out more about our current Coronavirus policy here – we will be updating this page as and when the situation changes.

If you do have any concerns or questions please do get in touch.

Be safe! Sadie & Grant

15th March 2020